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Natural hair, extensions, braids, twists, locks, and eclectic hair styles are today's common styles of hair.  Due to the complexity of these types of hair styles it can be difficult to dry the scalp when you wash your hair wearing confined hair styles.  The Weave Dryer® is designed to deliver airflow quickly to gently dry the scalp completely.  Once the nozzle is attached to any traditional sized blow dryer it delivers air into the style eliminate the worry of bacterial growth, the hair beginning to smell,  and the possibility of hair loss from infection and irritation, or simply having wet hair on your scalp. 

The Weave Dryer® is the 1st, thermal, unbreakable, universal hair blow dryer nozzle attachment that fits most commercially available hair dryers via an adjustable band. The nozzle is made of heat resistant rubber and features several thin, elongated hollow tubes which possess openings that facilitate the passage of air into the hair.  


The Weave Dryer is the first and only blow dryer nozzle that can be used to quickly dry the scalp.

  • Dermatologist approved!!

  • Prevents scalp folliculitis and seborrheic dermatitis.

  • ​Gently provide airflow to confined hair styles.​

  • maintains the hairstyle without disturbing the style.

  • An easy, simple, and convenient attachment and method for drying the scalp coompletely.

  • ​A healthy way to cut down on hair drying time.

  • ​Eliminating long hours under a hooded dryer.

  • ​Safe for COPD patient use.

Features & Benefits​