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  • Insert the barrel of the hair blow dryer onto the end of the Weave Dryer® adapter.
  • Tighten the adjustable band to secure the Weave Dryer® adapter.
  • Turn the hand held hair blow dryer on.
  • Set the heat to cool or low temperature.
  • Cool and low temperatures are only recommended.  
  • These temperature are gentler on natural hair and will reinforce all of the benefits of using the Weave Dryer® adapter.
  • Do not use the nozzle on more than low heat!!
  • Using any other temperature can cause overheating can cause burning to the scalp, damage to the hair, scalp, hair dryer and the Weave Dryer® adapter.
  • ​The Weave Dryer® is configured for maintanence only and is not recommended to be used in freshly weaved hair.


  • Begin by sliding the elongated tubes with the holes facing up of the Weave Dryer® adapter into the hair near the scalp in sections.

  • Repeat the sliding process into various sections to dry all the hair.

  • Always ensure the elongated tube side with the holes are facing up at all times when sliding into the hair to prevent burning the scalp.

  • To remove the Weave Dryer® adapter, un-tighten the adjustable band, grasp above the band and pull gently to separate from the hair dryer.